Independent report calls for mission-oriented research and innovation in the EU


On February 22, Prof. Mariana Mazzucato from University College London (UCL) presented her report “Mission-Oriented Research and Innovation in the EU. A problem- solving approach to fuel innovation-led growth” to Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas.

After a thorough consultation process with various stakeholders, experts, researchers, policy makers and European leaders, Mazzucato drafted a new mission-oriented research and innovation policy. According to her, “Missions provide a solution an opportunity, and an approach to address the numerous challenges that people face in their daily lives.” Research and innovation missions at the EU level should make a difference and improve the living conditions of citizens across Europe and beyond.

According to her analysis, successful missions share five key characteristics:

1.       Societal relevance

2.       Clear timeframe and targets

3.       Ambitions and realistic research and innovation actions

4.       Cross-disciplinarily, cross-sectoral and cross-actor innovation

5.       Multiple bottom-up solutions

With these features in mind, the report aims to offer policy makers and stakeholders guidance in the selection and the implementation of research and innovation missions.

In order to better illustrate those five features mentioned above, the author applies the five criteria to several examples, such as: “100 carbon-neutral cities by 2030”, “A plastic free ocean” and “Decreasing the burden of dementia”.

Following the publication of the report, the Commission calls on the Research and Innovation stakeholders for recommendations and the identification of potential missions at EU level.

The full report is available for consultation here.

The call for feedback is available here. It will be open until April 3rd, 2018. 

About the author: Prof. Mariana Mazzucato (PhD) holds the Chair in Economics of Innovation and Public Value at UCL. She is also the Founding Director of the new Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP). Recently, she was appointed Special Advisor on Mission-Driven Science and Innovation by the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas.