Research and Innovation towards a more sustainable and circular European agriculture Exploring synergies between the livestock and crop sectors

There is growing customer expectations about safe, healthy and nutritious products, environmentally safe and more sustainable production methods, livestock health and welfare, reduction of land and resource use, product availability at affordable price, product recyclability and fair incomes for farmers. Therefore, high on the agenda of food system stakeholders is the migration towards more sustainable practices and products while securing business continuity and meeting societal expectation. To truly match the societal expectations, an adaptation of the sector would be required.
The “Animal Task Force (ATF) Public Private Partnership” and the “Plants for the Future” European Technology Platform (Plant ETP) opted to consider the entire crop-livestock value chain. They have identified R&I opportunities for gains in sustainability in food systems with a short-, mid- and long-term horizon. To this end, the ATF and Plant ETP conducted workshops in 2017 and 2018 that thanks to the overarching sector approach delivered insights complementary to those provided by specific plant and animal production vision papers.